At EIS we are committed to educate generations of children who will develop and use their talents to create a sense of curiosity, tolerance, a sense of belonging and to contribute to their diverse communities. These children will grow to become shining stars in adulthood.

Eastlands International School believes that the British style education influences the international school experience of uniquely diverse groups within the school community.

Our philosophy is expressed through the following key elements affecting students, parents and staff:

Our Objectives

  • Expansion of student numbers to create a Preschool through to IGCSE.
  • To provide a quality international education for all students in our community.
  • Provide leadership and support within a caring school environment, where all are involved in creating a community of learners.
  • Inspire all students to excel with a healthy balanced curriculum, encouraging everyone’s talents and potential in all areas.
  • Empower and recognise each individual’s unique contribution to, and needs in school life.
  • Improve communication and relationships between all members of the school community, recognising that clear communication is the key to success.


  • Establishing and accomplishing personal goals.
  • Having high self-esteem and character traits.
  • Exhibiting creative thought and initiative.
  • Strive to improve performance.
  • Challenge perceptions and push boundaries.


  • Communication between student and staff.
  • Recognition and witnessing the growth of their child.
  • Guiding their child’s educational path and understanding the variety of options available to them.
  • Understanding and benefiting from guidance in regards to their child.


  • Embracing a whole child view of learning, balancing academics, arts and physical education.
  • Maximise each child’s potential.
  • Engaging students in a variety of exciting ways.
  • Setting clear expectations and goals for students.
  • Encourage, recognise and reward student achievements.
  • Continuation of professional development.
  • Use technology to enhance curriculum.
  • Work as a team in all aspects of school life.

A Truly International Atmosphere

We understand that a world class teaching staff is the key to effective education. The school has exceptional staff who are highly qualified and experienced who inspire and motivate students to high levels of success.

Research has demonstrated that the quality of teaching is the most important factor affecting a child’s progress.  Because of this we invest significant time and energy carefully selecting staff to join our community.