Request a subscription to the Bus service

For the academic year / 2024 – 2025

Dear our Parent

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Please read the following instructions regarding subscribing to the transportation service:

1-Payment of the first installment during the period from June 20 until the end of August 20 (priority for reservations until the required number is complete).

2-Payment of the second installment no later than one week after the start of the second semester.

3-The school has the right to prevent the student from riding the bus if he does not adhere to the specified payment dates.

4-Do not talk to the driver (any inquiries should be made with the bus supervisor). In the event of any emergency circumstances, please refer to the administration.

5-The Transportation Department has the right to remove the student from the car if he insults the supervisor or colleagues after informing the guardian.

6-The student can wait on a main street, and if the house is on a side street or has any obstacles to the car, the guardian must receive and hand the student over to the supervisor (all stages, especially the pre-basic education stage).

8-In the event of a student’s absence or travel, the school’s movement management official must be notified for not passing.

9-When a student moves from one address to another, the school is not responsible for the availability of space on other buses. In the event that there is no space, the decision must be on the guardian.

10- In the event that the person responsible for receiving the child is not present or late at noon and does not answer the phone, the child will be returned to school and it will be the responsibility of the parents to drive them home.

11-This application is not automatically renewed. A new subscription application is issued annually to ensure the availability of the bus service for students.

12-The request to participate in the bus service will not be considered valid without paying the due bus installment.

13-The bus route is made from the furthest to the nearest address for the school.

14-The guardian does not have the right to return the bus again as long as it is late for its scheduled time after (two minutes) of time have passed.

15-It is strictly prohibited to receive or deliver a student during the itinerary.

16-Student times (morning/evening) are determined by the school administration based on the bus route.

17-The guardian must deliver and pick up the student in front of the bus gate, and the supervisor is prohibited from getting off the bus.

18-The right to recover the value lapses after two weeks from the date of starting the service.

19-In the event of an increase in fuel prices, the value of the bus service subscription will be increased.